Our partners

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Our partners

We have over the years been in many places and photographed weddings.

We have moved around in large parts of Sweden and gladly take jobs everywhere.

We still want to give some examples of places that we have extra contact with.

We start a collaboration with China starting in Easter weekend 2019.

It is the company China International Travel Service Limited, who sells trips to Sweden and the rest of the world for Chinese who want to come here.

We have signed a contract with them to receive wedding couples for portrait photography near our nice castles / nature / archipelago.

Yes they appreciate our fine culture and we have promised to help with pictures in different environments.

Some nice pictures will appear here on the website the next time.

We recently started a collaboration with Ekeby Loge

They provide really great facilities in a nice Logamiljö and nice staff if needed. It is located in a rural setting adapted to the whole wedding with Akt-Portret-Fest.

Here we can coordinate everything and take amazing pictures in a rural setting with animals and horses in close proximity.

The lodge is absolutely stunning and accommodates many guests. Listen to us and we will meet you and show you around.

Utö Inn

For those of you who want a nice archipelago wedding with everything in place.

Here you can sleep in really nice cottages and the bridal couple get a beautiful view of the water in a fantastic nice house with a terrace.

Nice staff who serve you around the island.

Nice Church located next to a boat site and you can go between it and the Mine bridge to the World House.

The food at the World House beats most things, we can guarantee that worked at Utö for a year.

Balder's bread

We have made several wedding fairs together with Balders Bread.

They have each time proved best in pastries / cakes for parties.

We got the honor to pre-screen their pastries and food and we promise you will not be disappointed.

They have several stores in Stockholm so call them for help.


One of our early partners who brought us to their wedding fairs. It is a fantastic company that sells a lot as wedding couple / couples need to party and home.

Here is the opportunity to shop gifts for the wedding as well.

They can help if you have questions in the planning of the party. We stretch. the shop in Sollentuna, Mall of Scandinavia and in Solna C, which we had very close to the co-operative.

Rönnlunds foto

Photographers Janne & Lotta

We are 2 very committed photographers who work together and help you with photography of your great wedding day.

We complement each other with Jan's instant capture and Lotte's sense of detail.

We love this and always give our utmost.





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Jan 0708-615960

Lotta 070-333 88 28


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