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Hello and welcome to Rönnlunds foto

Here we are Janne and Lotta who are private partners and work together as photographers when we make weddings.

Janne started Rönnlunds Foto 2011 and met Lotta just over 6 years ago.

We thrive very well together and share the photo interest to 100 percent.

Our customers say that we are happy, positive and spread good energy on our assignments.

There is nothing more pleasant than to hear afterwards that guests and bridal couples thought we were radiant with commitment and made many extra happy at the wedding.

We complement each other in the photography as a woman and a man.

One cannot get away from the fact that we sometimes look a little different on things even though we try to be neutral;)

Lotta with his feelings for details, close-ups, environments, table settings, creations and dishes etc. Janne is responsible for the portraits, is closest to the act and catches moments.

It is no exaggeration to say that we live in a dream when we get to work together with this and meet so many nice and appreciative couples / guests.

We have, since we met, made about 12 weddings a year, which is reasonable with everything to be prepared and then edited afterwards.

Rönnlunds Foto has been registered as a single company since 2011 and Jan is a member of NPS: which means complete service within 24 hours on Nikon's camera equipment.

We are members of SFF and very active by educating ourselves and collaborating with other photographers.

Over the years we have contacts with companies that rent out premises for weddings and can stretch. several companies / people when it comes to preparations (music / food / local / disc jockey etc.)


Two amazing photographers who quickly end up very close to the heart!

All the pictures they take will be magical!

We have photographed both wedding and pregnant photos with Lotta and Janne and can do nothing but recommend this fantastic photographer couple

Sofia and Jimmy Kilberg❤️

Lotta & Janne are not only fantastic photographers but they contribute so much warmth and love too! ! ❤️

Linda Malmenborg

Just got home the photos from the photography of my newborn daughter and family. Incredible pictures❤️❤️

Awesome photographers who are really passionate about their profession!

Can highly recommend and will definitely contact you in the future!



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Rönnlunds foto

Photographers Janne & Lotta

We are 2 very committed photographers who work together and help you with photography of your great wedding day.

We complement each other with Jan's instant capture and Lotte's sense of detail.

We love this and always give our utmost.





Krogtäppan 179,

137 68  JORDBRO








Jan 0708-615960

Lotta 070-333 88 28


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